Breeds of Goat in India

breeds - Jamunapari - Goat - vetbook.in Name: Jamunapari
Origin: found mainly in the state of Uttar Pradesh
Purpose: Meat and milk

breeds - Beetal - Goat - vetbook.in Name: Beetal
Origin: found mainly in the state of Punjab
Purpose: Meat and milk

breeds - Tellicherry- Goat - vetbook.in Name: Tellicherry
Origin: found mostly in the state of Kerala
Purpose: Meat

breeds - Sirohi- Goat - vetbook.in Name: Sirohi
Origin: Sirohi district in Rajasthan state
Purpose: Meat and milk

breeds - Barbari- Goat - vetbook.in Name: Barbari
Origin: in urban areas of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Gurgaon, Karnal, Panipat and Rohtak in Haryana state
Purpose: Milk and meat

breeds - Kanni aadu- Goat - vetbook.in Name: Kanni aadu
Origin: found in Thirunelveli and Ramanadhapuram districts of Tamilnadu
Purpose: Meat

breeds - Osmanabadi- Goat - vetbook.in Name: Osmanabadi
Origin: distributed in Ahmednagar, Solapur and Osmanabad districts in Maharashtra
Purpose: Milk and meat

breeds - Kodi aadu- Goat - vetbook.in Name: Kodi aadu
Origin: found in the districts of Sivagangai, Ramanadhapuram, and Tuticorin districts of Tamilnadu
Purpose: guiding the goat flocks, which goes for grazing.

breeds - Black Bengal- Goat - vetbook.in Name: Black Bengal
Origin: found in the West Bengal, Bihar, and Orissa regions of northeastern India and throughout Bangladesh
Purpose: skin is in great demand for high quality shoe-making

breeds - Chegu- Goat - vetbook.in Name: Chegu
Origin: found in the mountainous range of spiti, yaksar and Kashmir.
Purpose: Used for draught to carry salt and small loads. The goats of this breed yield of pashmina, good meat and a small quantity of milk.

breeds - Changthangi- Goat - vetbook.in Name: Changthangi
Origin: Tibet or neighbouring areas in the Ladakhi Changthang,
Purpose: usually raised for meat or cashmere wool

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