Breeds of Pig in India

breeds - Large white Yorkshire - Pig - vetbook.in Name: Large white Yorkshire
Origin: Yorkshire, England
Purpose: produced for meat on a large scale

breeds - Landrace - Pig - vetbook.in Name: Landrace
Origin: from the Danish Landrace of Danish origin
Purpose: for swine research studies, with the stipulation that they would not be commercially propagated as a pure breed

breeds - Duroc - Pig - vetbook.in Name: Duroc
Origin: in the eastern United States and in the Corn Belt
Purpose: meat

breeds - Middle white Yorkshire - Pig - vetbook.in Name: Middle white Yorkshire
Origin: native to the United Kingdom. It originated in Yorkshire roughly around the same time as the Large White
Purpose: known as a pork producer (rather than bacon or lard type pigs)

breeds - Poland china - Pig - vetbook.in Name: Poland china
Origin: deriving from many breeds including the Berkshire and Hampshire. It is the oldest American breed of swine
Purpose: pork

breeds - Hampshire- Pig - vetbook.in Name: Hampshire
Origin: derived from the Old English Breed, found in northern England and Scotland
Purpose: meat

breeds - Berkshire - Pig - vetbook.in Name: Berkshire
Origin: from the English county of Berkshire
Purpose: Berkshire pork, prized for juiciness, flavor and tenderness, is pink-hued and heavily marbled

breeds - Chester white - Pig - vetbook.in Name: Chester white
Origin: in Chester County, Pennsylvania
Purpose: used in commercial crossbreeding operations for pork

breeds - Tam worth - Pig - vetbook.in Name: Tam worth
Origin: originating in Tamworth, United Kingdom
Purpose: meat

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